Saturday 11:30p – 6:00a
Adult Swim


Labor Day Music

Space Dandy Menu
T: After Dawn (Barker and Baumecker Remix)
A: Letherette

Attack On Titan Menu
T: All Night

AOT Marathon Packaging
T: Rhino Jockey
A: Amon Tobin

T: Tails
A: Clark

T: Giant Squid

T: Bring You Back
A: Beacon

T: Tall Towers
A: Ben Benjamin

T: Small Plans

T: MPC Rock
A: Chris Devoe

T: S.O.S
A: Dolor

A: Pbrothers
T: Brunswick

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Lets go


Lagann’ll be back next week!




Heads up. Attack on Titan Marathon is tonight.

Sorry guys, no Q&A this Sunday. We’re going through all your amazing letters and messages! We’ll let you know when the next Q&A will be (probably NEXT month). Thanks for all of your suggestions! Keep ‘em coming!

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Tomorrow night, check out Zurtrun - A series of animated shorts from @brianwysol that play with the tropes of old school sci-fi toons like Birdman, Space Ghost and Galaxy Trio (all of which aired on Toonami, for you youngins). Hope you enjoy them! They’re running all throughout our Attack on Titan Marathon Saturday. Marathon Starts at midnight, Zurtrun will start closer to 1a.