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Before you ask:

If you’re looking for old spots, this site is great: Toonami Digital Arsenal

If you have a general Toonami question these sites are great resources: Wikipedia
TV Tropes
The Google

Check out these Toonami Music projects: Supernova
Black Hole Mega (“Features” section)

If you still have a question, check out our FAQ:

Q: What show would you guys like to get?A: Sorry, we can’t talk about show acquisitions. Feel free to make suggestions though.

Q: Where’s DBZ?A: DBZ Kai will be coming to Toonami this fall!!

Q: Will you ever return to weekdays? What about earlier on Saturday?A: We’re now on a half hour earlier. Saturdays at 11:30p, but no plans to change from our current day. We like Saturday.

Q: What about the return of Sara or the Clydes?A: Sara’s BEEN Back Bitches! We’re hoping to get more of Clydes online in the future, but we still don’t have a timetable. We have one small piece with them now. Stay tuned!

Q: Why wont you admit that Naruto got Toonami cancelled the first time?A: Because it’s just not true. We don’t know how/why this got started, but it’s not true.

Q: _______ show sucks. Get ________ instead.A: Sorry you don’t like one of the shows, hopefully there’s at least one other you do like.

Q: Where’s Moltar? What’s he up to? Is he coming back?A: We lost track of him, and we don’t know what he’s doing. Sorry. Moltar wont be coming back.

Q: When will you have new TOM animations?A: We’re continuing to work on it. Hoping you’re enjoying the new stuff that’s there. Thanks for your patience.

Q: Why are you lying to us?A: We’re not. We promise. Breathe. It will be ok.

Q: Where’s Sean Akins, is he working on Toonami still?A: No. Sean is no longer with CN.

Q: Why does Mike Lazzo hate anime?A: He doesn’t. He’s the reason Toonami is on, and the reason anime is still on adult swim.

Q: But I heard on the internet ________?!?A: Trust us. We wont lie to you.

Q: Where is Megas XLRA: Megas was written off by CN, and so we’re not allowed to show it. It’s a little more complicated than that, but honestly we don’t really understand it, other than the smart people have said, “No”.

Q: Can I get a job at Toonami/Cartoon Network/adult swim?A: The best way is to get an internship at Turner. Apply, and good luck!

Q: Will there be a Total Immersion Event? If so, when?A: Intruder2 is coming. Use #Intruder2 during the broadcast if you’re excited. Look for it in 2015.

Q: What are you going to do when you get to the Naruto Filler Arc?A: The original uncut Naruto is running for Season 1, and we don’t know if it makes sense to get the further seasons down the road or not. Right now we’re going to show all of Season 1 episodes. Shippuden is running Season 1 currently, and we plan to continue Shippuden throughout all of its episodes.

Q: Where’s Peter Cullen?A: Peter Cullen has retired from VO except for a few very specific roles. We loved working with Peter and we love working with Howard Parker, our current promo VO guy now.

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