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Well, now you know our big news! NARUTO, uncut. From the beginning. So, many of you will be wondering, what’s the schedule look like? Well, it will look like this:

12 – Bleach
12:30 – Naruto
1 – Tenchi Muyo GXP
1:30 – Thundercats
2 – Samurai 7
2:30 – Symbionic Titan
3 – Eureka 7
3:30 – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
4 – Cowboy Bebop
4:30 – Cowboy Bebop
5 – Inuyasha
5:30 – Inuyasha

We know some of you Eureka 7 fans will be bummed it moved later, same with you Sam 7 fans, but we think this schedule will give us the best ratings over the course of the night. We’ll see if we’re right! We’re sorry you’ll have to stay up a bit later!

Addendums: We hope to keep this schedule locked for a good while, until Sam 7 is over at least. If ratings hold, that’s what should happen. Also, FMA:B will be starting over from episode one, for those of you that were wondering. 

Oh and ONE MORE Turkey day present- those of you who keep asking when we’re going to do movies? We hear you. Can’t say exactly when, or what movies, but you should see a big movie event on Toonami in the near future! Let us know what you want to see!

In the mean time, we love you all, we hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday, and we hope you keep watching Toonami! We’re thankful for YOU! :)

xo, The Toonami Staff.

Posted: Thu November 22nd, 2012 at 12:10pm
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    hmmm same. i probably should i mean they are putting InuYasha from the beginning again too hmm
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    This is a really bad fucking joke right? Are they really going to put the same show that killed the block back on the...
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    Uncut: As for moving...conflicting emotions, I still...ya,...
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    Ugh, I think Fairy Tail should be on at 3:30.
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    That would be the best Xmas gift
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    omfg Naruto from the BEGINNING @_____@ Can you please show the Ghost in the Shell movie? I was so excited when I thought...