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…And in the darkness, BIND THEM.

Hey guys! Below is the basic list of stuff we announced at Momocon. 

1. In April (date tbd), we will premiere TOM 5, a new Absolution, and a new look for Toonami, including a new logo. Some of that stuff isn’t ready yet, so keep checking this blog and we’ll put up new stuff as we finish it. And no, still no Sara or Clydes… yet.

2. In the next couple of months we will premiere an online comic that will tell the story of How TOM 3 became TOM 4, how TOM 4 became TOM 3.5, where Sara and the Clydes are, and how we got TOM 5 and the new Absolution. We’ll offer more details on that when we have them.

3. Toonami will air One Piece this year. We’re not sure yet it if will replace Tenchi GXP or come in later, and we’re not sure where we will start in the episode order. We’ll let you know more in the coming months.

4. Next week, on Toonami’s birthday, we will be showing Evangelion 1.11 You Are [Not] Alone. The following week our schedule will return to normal (sorry, Soul Eater/Eureka/Sym-Bionic fans!). Schedule is posted below, scroll down to see it.

5. We were not able to make a promo for the Eva movie for various reasons, but that’s okay, we promise! It’s just a birthday present, not part of a larger series of “movie nights.” We’re still exploring that.

6. There will be a few other goodies airing on our birthday, so don’t miss it! And no… NO HINTS. You gotta watch! :)

7. We are still exploring short series to air, short series fans, so we’ll let you know if and when we have announcements in that area!

8. Video of the Toonami Momocon panel, as well as some interviews, were shot by the Toonami Faithful crew and will be up soon!

9. Thanks to Chad Bonin for inviting us to the panel, moderating and being a cool dude.

10. We love you!

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    I’m sorry, but this is all good news. I never cared for Bleach or Naruto…kind of loathe them, actually…but I don’t mind...
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