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Anonymous Asked: I personally feel like everyone's overreacting to this "filler" thing, and that they need to understand that TV is more complicated than they think. However, on the surface it does look hypocritical to want to skip certain episodes of Clone Wars for the same reason that people want you to skip those last 100 episodes of Naruto, so I can see where it's coming from. Still, they also don't understand that one is free and the other cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more.

We’ll go ahead and answer this one so people can stop flooding our inbox. Clarification: We’ve been ASKED by the network to skip the super slow/irrelevant/kiddie episodes of Clone Wars. Our preference would be to run all five seasons of Clone Wars from beginning to end. That said, we don’t consider the (few) eps we are cutting “filler.” FILLER, as referred to by anime fans, is a story arc that takes place outside the source manga a show might be following. Obviously, that’s not what Clone Wars is (unless you consider THE ENTIRE SERIES filler, which, go away). Beyond that, there’s a huge difference in cutting some episodes that have aired multiple (10/15 times each at least) times on CN, and cutting PREMIERE episodes of a show (or episodes that have aired once or twice if we’re talking about Naruto). And let’s not forget, those 100 etc eps of Naruto are still A YEAR AWAY. We don’t even know if we’ll still be on in a year. It’s absolutely ridiculous to us to worry about this mythical possible falloff from airing Naruto “filler” a year from now. This all seems to be a legacy of the myth (and trust us it IS A MYTH) that Naruto and it’s “filler” killed Toonami, which we’ve refuted multiple times. But we wanted to let you know how the decision re: Clone Wars came about because we don’t want you guys to think these decisions are capricious. We wanted Clone Wars, we were asked to make this concession if we aired it. We honestly didn’t think anyone would really care…

That’s about the size of it! Hope that clears it up for some of you.

OH and BTW: Promise we won’t skip stuff like “Rookies” etc and some of the really special/badass standalone eps The Clone Wars has. We’d like to ask you to trust us. Hopefully we’ve earned it!

-Love, the Toonami Crew

Posted: Thu August 1st, 2013 at 6:53am
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  1. jedimasterian said: May the force be with you in your future decisions toonami only know that if you fail us it’s up to the Jedi to stop you if you get out of hand
  2. thedoodleplace said: And this is why Toonami has a special place in my heart, always and forever
  3. edin1986 said: Just to let u know, I’m pro clone wars, can’t wait to see it.
  4. animesavior said: Ah, the good ol’ fashion of Executive Meddling…for better or worse.
  5. shimagu said: I wish some episodes weren’t skipped but I guess that’s what DVDs are for.