Saturday 11:30p – 6:00a
Adult Swim


Well, we got backdoored again…

So the surprise has been pre-exploded. Here’s the deal.

July 20th will be the last night of The Thundercats. We’re losing the rights. Also that will be the last night of Sym-Bionic Titan for a little while. It’ll be back for sure.

Starting July 27th we’ll be premiering Sword Art Online at 2am and Big O Season 2 will start at 3:30am, as well.

Full Schedule Below. SURPRISE!!

12:00a Bleach

12:30a Naruto Uncut

01:00a One Piece

01:30a Soul Eater

02:00a Sword Art Online

02:30a IGPX

03:00a Eureka 7

03:30a Big O Season 2

04:00a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

04:30a Cowboy Bebop

05:00a Inuyasha

05:30a Inuyasha