Saturday 11:30p – 6:00a
Adult Swim


Helping Hands



Rest up

YES! It’s Saturday!!

ONE NIGHT ONLY - August 30th/Labor Day Weekend - Attack on Titan Marathon

The schedule will be back to normal the next week, but for August 30th - Labor Day Weekend - we’re having an Attack on Titan Marathon, and we’re kicking it off with a brand new Space Dandy. Get (mostly) caught up on Attack on Titan, if you’re behind. Relive the glory if you’re not!

Full schedule below.

11:30p - World Premiere Space Dandy

12:00a - Attack on Titan 01

12:30a - Attack on Titan 02

01:00a - Attack on Titan 03

01:30a - Attack on Titan 04

02:00a - Attack on Titan 05

02:30a - Attack on Titan 06

03:00a - Attack on Titan 07

03:30a - Attack on Titan 08

04:00a - Attack on Titan 09

04:30a - Attack on Titan 10

05:00a - Attack on Titan 11

05:30a - Attack on Titan 12

Time to relax with a little Toonami

It’s Friday, baby!

Hang on. Toonami starts soon

ZAP! New Dandy tomorrow night at 12:30am, Only Toonami.

(via toonami-underground)

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